17 July 2014

An Australian Federal Police Officer Benjamin Joseph Hampton, 43, was charged with bribery and corruption charges and was later granted A$ 1 million bail and was required to surrender his passport, report to police daily and not to contact any witness on his bribery allegations.

He had a ticket to fly to Slovenia on Thursday and had $1million cash in his bank account.

He was charged with receiving bribes and benefits, unauthorised access to police data with the intent to divulge classified information to unauthorised persons.

Crown Prosecutor Michael Allnutt revealed that Hampton was under a covert investigation for  some fifteen months and the investigations are continuing. Magistrate Alexander Mijovich heard that Hampton’s father was in Slovenia, which has no extradition treaty with Australia.

Crown Prosecutor opposed the bail arguing that Hampton was a flight risk and had connections with organised crime syndicates.

Mr Hampton’s solicitor Gordon Elliott said Mr Hampton and his wife, Louise, had $ 1 million in the bank from the sale of their house. It is clear that, after selling his house he was ready to leave Australia. He possibly knew that he was under observation. But he was caught at the nick of the time by the authorities.

Mr Hampton serves as a member of the protection team which provided protection to local and international dignitaries and public places such as Parliament House. His team also carried out the witness protection scheme. He has a service record of 15 years.

AFP Sydney Commander Ray Johnson said that if he is convicted, it will be a severe blow to the reputation of the force.

Mr Hampton was suspended from duty in May. Mr Hampton He will report to the court at Downing Centre on 11 November 2014.