13 March 2019

Corruption by Western Australia’s former trade commissioner, Craig Peacock, in Japan went undetected for at least a decade. He held this position for 17 years. His corruption had cost taxpayers more than $500,000. He was alleged to have double-dipped on cost-of-living allowance claims and payments. He claimed reimbursement of storage and utilities amounting to $65,000 to which he was not entitled to. The Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) alleged Craig Steven Peacock used his role to enrich himself, benefit his friends and to cover up a drink-driving accident in a state-leased car. He drove the into a stationary truck and caused damage that needed repairs in the amount of approximately $17,500.  At that time he had a blood-alcohol reading of 0.35 per cent. The CCC alleged Mr Peacock kept details of the car accident secret for seven years.

 Mr Peacock used state resources to arrange for two Legislative Council members, Phillip Edman and Brian Ellis, to have $700 massages at a Japanese bathhouse known as a “soap land”. Mr Edman and Mr Ellis gave evidence to the CCC on their visit to the bathhouse. There was no suggestion the MPs acted corruptly, while they were in Japan. Both lost their seats in 2017. ABC News reported.