6 May 2016
Brazil’s Supreme Court has ordered the removal of Eduardo Cunha from his position as the Speaker of the Lower House of Congress. Judge commented that Cunha used his position to try to intimidate congress members and block investigations into his actions. The full bench of the court unanimously upheld the decision.
His major crime was that he spearheaded the drive to impeach Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. That is not to say that he is not corrupt. He is corrupt like all other politicians in Brazil. He is said to have amassed $40 million in bribes.
His ouster is not going to help Ms. Rousseff as the Senate is considering voting on her impeachment on Wednesday.  It is widely expected that she would be asked to step aside for 180 days while Senate decides to put her on trial for violation of federal budget laws.
If not for the conviction, Eduardo Cunha, as the second most powerful politician, would have succeeded Ms. Rousseff. Now Vice-President Michel Temer is said to replace her during her suspension. He is already lining up cabinet ministers and describing the policies of his new government. This week, Michel Temer, was ordered to pay a fine of $23,000 for violating campaign financing limits. He was also barred from running for office for the next eight years. As he is already in office this ruling will not stop him from taking over powers from Ms. Rousseff. He said that he would not appeal against the judgement and he would pay the fine and not seek any more elections. Future ministers in Temer cabinet are also facing their own corruption charges. Temer was also implicated in the huge graft scandal involving Petrobras. He was not prosecuted for that.
Now the position of Lower House Speaker also has become vacant. Cunha ally, Waldir Maranhao could take over as the Speaker. He is under investigation on graft charges and Supreme Court is likely to order him also to step down.
There is no clean politician in Brazil. The immediate future of the government is uncertain. People of Brazil will have to do something to put a stable government in place for the good of their own land.