29 June 2019
Lawyers representing SNC-Lavalin have opted for trial by judge alone in a corruption case instead of 12 jurors. The lawyers felt that it would be difficult to find a jury that is not already in some way biased because of the intense public attention on the company this year.

SNC-Lavalin executives claim that several of its rivals in the United States had negotiated settlement without going through lengthy and resource-sapping trials by using the tool of deferred prosecution agreement (DPA). Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wanted to apply DPA to SNC-Lavalin but the political events unfolded made this impossible.
British Columbia has included SNC-Lavalin as one of the three bidders for Vancouver’s Broadway subway.  The project consists of 5.7-kilometre, $2.83-billion extension of the SkyTrain line from the current terminus near Clark Drive in east Vancouver to Arbutus Street on the west side. They are other strong bidders also. But this project shows that SNC-Lavalin still has great potential.
Ian Edwards, the chief executive is under pressure to make substantive changes and develop a new strategy that lowers risk and simplifies the business model.
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