Bo XilaiBo Xilai

26 July 2013.

Former high flying Communist Party leader was indicted Thursday for bribery and abuse of power, state media said. The indictment was filed by Jinan prosecutor’s office. The trial will be held in this eastern Chinese city and the court will deliver a judgment within a month.

This announcement means that the trial will be over before the party plenum in the autumn.

Bo is son of former Vice Premier Bo Yibo; one of the “eight immortals” of the Communist Party. Bo, like President Xi, belongs to the princeling class of second-generation officials whose families are tied together through decades of shared experiences, alliances and patronage. Bo was once one of 25 members of the ruling party’s Politburo. He was once seen as a possible candidate for the eight members Standing Committee but was expelled from communist party in September last year.