16 December 2014
Monday night China Central Television broadcast a documentary with a view to educating government officials and the public of the corruption menace. The program will be aired in four parts every night during prime time from Monday till Thursday. The documentary was shot jointly by publication department of Communist Party of China Central Commission of Discipline Inspection (CCDI) and China Central Television (CCTV).
The production crew covered 18 provinces and regions to interview key persons including family members of corrupt officials, private secretaries and clubs where the corrupt officials had lavish entertainment. The program will also show how the discipline inspectors investigate corruption cases. The program will cover 30 corruption cases investigated by authorities. The program also explains the difficulties experienced by inspectors in investigating corruption charges and bringing to justice.
The Communist party has identified some 3200 officials who have migrated abroad with their children and spouses. Of them about 1000 remain in the country after sending their spouses and children overseas. These people are called “naked officials”. The party has offered an amnesty to the ‘naked officials’ that if they bring their family and wealth back they will be assigned to less sensitive posts and will suffer no further punishment.
President Xi Jinping is also negotiating with foreign governments to have those fugitives from the law repatriated back to China.
In the southern province of Guangdong some 850 ‘naked officials’ were forced out of their jobs. The province has also drafted a law that will bar ‘naked officials’ from holding any senior position in the provincial government.
The CPC Central Committee has also put forward a set of clean-governance rules for public officials. These rules are aimed at cutting down on public expenditure in overseas trips, in the usage of government vehicles and in lavish entertainments.
A local court announced that a Chinese woman involved in the corruption case of former Railway minister Liu Zhijun was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment on Tuesday. Ding Yuxin also known as Ding Shumiao was fined $404 million and confiscated $3 million in property.