8 May 2015
Delhi Police Commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi has ordered 3 top police officers on few days of compulsory leave as a result of corruption charges against them. This was to enable free investigations without obstruction or hindrance from them.
One of the three officers was Bijender Yadav who was holding the rank of Additional Deputy Commissioner – one of the high ranking posts in the Delhi police. It was also rumored that a sting operation set by the Delhi police found him indulging in unethical practice. It was not revealed what the unethical practice was. The sting operation was set up by sub-inspector in charge of Chowki police post. The sub-inspector showed the sting to his superior officers. Soon after that the matter reached the Delhi police headquarters.
Previously, Bijender Yadav was found to be using his official vehicle for private use. A member of the public lodged a complaint with Vigilance branch of Delhi Police. At that time no disciplinary action was taken against him but the Department told him not to misuse his car.
A senior police officer revealed under anonymity that this was part of a clean-up operation planned by the Delhi police chief. It was expected that some more officers will come under close-up view for corruption as the police chief has instructed the joint commissioners to have a close watch on the officers under suspicion.
Delhi Anti-corruption branch has been getting many complaints and tip-offs. This branch is independent of the police. There is already a tussle going on between the police and the Anti-corruption Branch. The police chief was not happy with this situation.
Arvind Kejriwal has not commented on the action taken by the police chief as the police and the Anti-corruption Branch come under the supervision of the central government and not the state government.