11 April 2019

Netanyahu comes to power again for the fifth time with the decisive victory in Tuesday’s election. Israel’s Justice Ministry is mulling over whether or not to file a criminal indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three corruption cases.
Israel’s attorney-general announced on Feb. 28 he intended to indict Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and breach of trust, pending the outcome of a required hearing. The prime minister’s attorneys requested the delay of investigation until after the election date. The attorney-general agreed.

In Case 1000, the prosecutors intended to charge Netanyahu of receiving gifts valued at $264,000 from Hollywood producer Aron Michel and James Packer, an Australian billionaire, in return for political favours. The gifts included Expensive cigars, jewellery and pink Champagne.

The Case 2000 involves Arnon Mozes, the publisher of Yediot Ahronot, a leading Israeli daily newspaper. Netanyahu is believed to have proposed to push legislation to curb the circulation of Yedioth’s major competitor, Israel Hayom, in exchange for more favourable coverage of himself in Yedioth. The deal was discussed, but was never consummated.

Case 3000 does not directly involve Netanyahu. It involves a list of business men, lawyers, and officials in the security organizations in Israel, in a bribed deal, for the purchase of three Dolphin-class submarines and four Sa’ar 6-class corvette warships. Some of these accused persons are related to Netanyahu due to professional or family ties.

Case 4000 is regarding telecommunications company Bezeq’s relationship with its regulator, the communication ministry, and favourable coverage to Netanyahu in its subsidiary news website, Walla! Netanyahu was the communication minister until February 2017. Mr. Elovitch bought a controlling stake in Bezeq, Israel’s biggest telecommunications company, in 2010. he arranged for Bezeq to buy Yes in 2015 for several times more than independent valuations showed Yes was worth. The communications ministry under Mr. Netanyahu aided several of Mr. Elovitch’s moves, effectively helping him reap tens of millions of dollars. The police said they had seized about $32 million in ill-gotten gains.

Case “1270” involves an alleged attempt to bribe an Attorney General of Israel candidate in exchange for dropping a case against Netanyahu’s wife.

Netanyahu’s victory is partly due to a number of campaign gifts given by Donald Trump. The US president moved his country’s embassy to Jerusalem and recognized the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, even though it clearly belongs to Syria under international law. Donald Trump, who featured on Likud campaign billboards. Mr Trump told reporters at the White House that Netanyahu’s re-election improved the chances of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
The reality may be just the opposite. With Trump’s backing he will try to annex Israeli-settled parts of the West Bank. Netanyahu has already announced he would like to do this and he doesn’t have to worry about resistance in Israel, as the election results have made abundantly clear. Abc.net.au reported.