10 October 2018.

The Anti-Corruption Commission has authorized the housing ministry to resume the halted Hiyaa social housing scheme and the sale of plots from the capital’s suburb Hulhumalé. Earlier the commission has told the Housing Ministry to temporarily halt the sale of plots.

The Hiyaa project was launched by President Abdulla Yameen in November last year with state-owned enterprises to finance the construction of more than 17,000 flats in Hulhumalé in a reclaimed land parcel.

Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muizz announced at a press conference on Tuesday that application forms for the 400 plots will now be available until the end of Sunday. He called the Hiyaa project a shining example of President Abdulla Yameen’s housing policy. Minister’s announcement was in defiance of the incoming administration’s call not to sell state assets before the transfer of power on November 17.

Four members of the Elections Commission last week flew to Sri Lanka after threats against them and their families escalated. Commission president Shareef has said that some members have also said that they have been threatened by ‘gangs’ that entered their home at midnight. (Sri Lanka) Daily News reported. President Yameen has already made serious charges of rigging against the Elections Commission and its chief, Ahmed Shareef. Elections Commission on Tuesday refuted reports indicating that some of its members had sought asylum in neighbouring Sri Lanka.

Yameen’s party, the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM), has said that it does not rule out challenging the result in the Supreme Court. And the current Supreme Court of handpicked judges is said to be his henchman. It is suspected by some that either his wife or legal advisor Azima Shukoor influenced him into thinking that the “trusted” Chairman of the Elections Commission Ahmed Shareef had manipulated the results in favour of the Joint Opposition. Yameen is threatening to arrest Shareef. Newsin.Asia reported.

Former vice president Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed who returned to the Maldives from exile, criticized the ruling party on Sunday by insisting that there were absolutely no legal grounds to annul the result of last month’s presidential election. Former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom also said the same.  Gasim who returned to Maldives recently from exile, also echoed Gayoom’s stand.

Yameen has time until October 12 to file complaints against the Elections Commission, and if the complaints panel finds merit in his submissions, it could recommend fresh elections. And a reconstituted Elections Commission could conduct a fresh poll.

The transition from Yameen to Solih is going to be very messy. Transparency International and Transparency Maldives released a statement urging all politicians and civil servants involved in the transition to the newly elected government to ensure that there are no secret deals to allow those connected to corruption to escape accountability.