10 July 2019
The European council’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) said in a report that Romania has made “very little progress” in efforts to prevent high-level corruption. Romania has complied fully with four of 13 recommendations for handling corruption among lawmakers, judges and prosecutors and partially complied with three more.
The report pointed out that there was no effective mechanism for enforcing the code of conduct for parliament members. The report said that Romania had not implemented regulations on lobbying and robust restrictions on gifts to members of parliament. Romania must report back to the body by June next year.
GRECO welcomed the government’s move to abandon judicial system changes that were undermining anti-corruption efforts. The judicial system changes were to help corrupt politicians from being prosecuted, including Liviu Dragnea, Romania’s most powerful politician. The then proposed changes included reduction of the statute of limitations on corruption offences.
Despite all his manoeuvring, including the dismissal of the chief prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate, Laura Kovesi, in 2018, Liviu Dragnea is now in jail. This shows that there is credible judicial system in the country.
The picture above shows Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.