30 December 2020
Three men were charged on Tuesday (29 December 2020) for attempting to cheat, falsify documents and other corruption offences. They falsified documents to show that they had delivered a server and 15 mobile phones sometime at end 2017 or early 2018 to a client of IBM Capital.

Peter Chua Hua Seng, 42, was then a director of Skylight Holdings allegedly falsified a delivery order in Skylight’s letterhead, claiming that a server and 15 mobile phones had been delivered to WCT Holdings’ office. The falsified delivery order was signed by Tang Li Ming Clive, 37, who was then a director of WCT Systems and WCT Holdings Group, acknowledging receipt of goods. Chua had also allegedly prepared a falsified tax invoice in Skylight’s letterhead to bill IBM S$160,500 for the server and 15 mobile phones purportedly delivered to WCT Holdings.
For this, Chua faced two charges for falsification of accounts, with Tang facing one charge for abetment.
A third person, Joemario Lim Ruiyang, 28, was then a director of Fortune Coal & Energy and Champion Corporate Consultants, was charged on one count of abetting. Lim made out a false tax invoice in Champion Corporate Consultants’ letterhead to legitimize the disbursement from Skylight to Fortune Coal & Energy, which Lim is a director of.

Tang is not a newcomer to fraud and corruption. He faced three separate charges of corruption. In or around November and December 2016, he paid gratification of $250 to obtain a contract for replacement of an exhaust motor at a restaurant. In or around April and May 2017, Tang had corruptly agreed to give a gratification of S$1,000 to get a contract for installation of a fire suppression system at a coffee shop. He was also charged for giving false information to CPIB.

Tang intends to plead guilty on Jan 28, while Chua and Lim will return to court next month. A Philippine national who took the bribe of $250 from Tang was fined $1,000. The person who took the gratification of $1,000 was fined S7,000.

Channel News Asia reported.