Thoshan Panday

4 October 2020

On Friday, Thoshan Panday and co-accused in the case, Colonel Navin Madhoe, were arrested and later released on bail of $6,000 and $600 respectively following their brief appearance in the Durban Magistrate’s Court, according to Investigating Directorate. Two others (Ngobeni and Aswin Narainpershad) implicated in the corruption case are said to be still at large. It was alleged that Madhoe was paid a bribe of $5,000. Panday faces charges of fraud, extortion, corruption, and forgery.

Panday, it is alleged defrauded the South African Police Service (SAPS) in a $2.9 million tender by hugely inflating prices of accommodation for police members during the Fifa World Cup in 2010. He was aided by KwaZulu-Natal SAPS procurement manager Colonel Navin Madhoe and Captain Ashwin Narainpershad. Those responsible for procurement had obtained quotations from only one agent. The invoices had been split into amounts of less than $12,200 to avoid the need for a full procurement procedures and the scrutiny related to it.

KZN Hawks head Major General Johan Booysen said he had been instructed by the then KZN SAPS provincial commissioner General Mmamonnye Ngobeni to abandon the investigation. Now Ngobeni is being investigated. In another case, it was alleged Madhoe had, on behalf of Panday, attempted to bribe Booysen to quash the case.

Panday is said to be a close associate of former President Jacob Zuma’s son Edward. General Booysen said in the court that one day Edward Zuma walked into his office and asked him to unfreeze Panday’s bank accounts which had R15 million. When asked what was his interest, Edward replied that he was an investor and was unable to receive dividends from Panday as his account had been frozen. Edward said he had invested R900 000. reported.