20 February 2020
David Nangle, a Massachusetts state lawmaker, was arrested yesterday by officers from Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Internal Revenue Services on more than two dozen corruption charges involving bank fraud, lying to a bank, falsifying tax returns, embezzling campaign funds and wire fraud.
The 28-page indictment alleges that from 2014 to 2019, the former ethics committee chairman was heavily in debt as a result of “extensive gambling” at several casinos and at Internet gambling sites, and to sustain his habit he used campaign funds, defrauded his bank and failed to report income to the IRS.
Nangle also obtained hundreds of thousands in loans from a bank to repay his debts by lying on applications, misstating his income and understating his debt, prosecutors said.
The indictment charges Nangle with 10 counts of wire fraud, four counts of bank fraud, nine counts of making false statements to a bank, and five counts of filing false income tax returns. He pleaded not guilty and was released $25,000 bond and ordered to surrender his passport and to refrain from gambling.
Andrew Lelling, U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts, said the reason Nangle was charged in federal rather than state court was because it is more of a deterrent for others.
Nangle borrowed more than a total of $100,000 over several years from various local business owners, which he did not pay back in full. From 2014-19, Nangle used the Nangle Committee bank debit card to file false campaign disclosures for gambling and other personal expenses. Beginning in 2014, Nangle hid his debts from the State Ethics Commission by omitting them from annual filings.
From 2014-18, Nangle filed false income tax returns and claimed tens of thousands of dollars in deductions.
In January 2015, Nangle applied for a home mortgage loan with Lowell Bank, which included false statements and omissions.
In 2017, the IRS notified Nangle that he owed additional taxes and penalties of $7,000 for his 2014 tax filings.
UPI.com reported.