Mohammad Naveed

28 January 2021

Mohammad Naveed and Shaiman Anwar are guilty of offences relating to attempted match-fixing during the 2019 T20 World Cup qualifying tournament. The case was heard by an independent anti-corruption tribunal of the ICC.

Both were charged under the ICC anti-corruption code in October 2019, and were suspended before the start of the qualifiers in the UAE. Naveed, who was UAE’s captain at the time, was stood down from the post.

Mohammed Naveed and Shaiman Anwar Butt have been found guilty of two offences each under the ICC Anti-Corruption Code. Naveed was additionally found guilty of breaking two counts of the Emirates Cricket Board corruption code in relation to the T10 league.

In October 2019, Naveed conceded that he had failed to report a suspicious approach during the T10 tournament, but claimed he had ended the conversation as soon as he realized the person he was meeting was a “fixer”.

It was speculated that both of them would have made $272,000 if they succeeded in the match fixing.

Esprncricinfo reported
Mohammed Naveed, Shaiman Anwar Butt