Rear Adm. Bruce F. Loveless

15 March 2017
Yesterday the Justice Department revealed a fresh indictment charging eight Navy officials with corruption and other crimes in the “Fat Leonard” bribery case.
They are:
Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, a senior Navy intelligence officer who recently retired from a key job at the Pentagon;
David Lausman, retired Navy captains
Donald Hornbeck, retired Navy captains
David Newland, retired Navy captains
James Dolan,  a retired Marine colonel,
Enrico de Guzman; an active-duty Navy commander,
Stephen Shedd, active duty Lieutenant Commander
Robert Gorsuch, a retired Navy chief warrant officer.
They are accused of taking bribes from Singapore-based defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis of Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA). He is known as “Fat Leonard”. Francis had pleaded guilty to defrauding the Navy of tens of millions of dollars. Malaysian born Francis lived in Singapore.
The indictment said Francis arranged sex parties aboard ships and in hotels for officers of the Navy’s Seventh Fleet in ports across Asia, including Thailand and the Philippines. He also made lavish gifts such as watches worth $25,000, $2,000 boxes of Cohiba cigars, $2,000 bottles of cognac, and $600-per-night hotel rooms. The Seventh Fleet is the biggest in the U.S. Navy. It includes 60 to 70 ships, up to 300 aircraft, and about 40,000 sailors and marines.
Michael Miller, Terry Kraft and David Pimpo were reprimanded in 2015 for their involvement in Leonard Glenn Francis scandal. Navy Times reported that, Miller retired as a vice admiral after 41 years of service; Kraft retired as a two-star after 34 years, and Pimpo retired as a captain after 30 years. They were censured in January 2015. They did not face criminal charges.
Francis was arrested in San Diego after federal investigators lured him to the US on the pretext of a business meeting with navy officials. Another Glenn Defence Marine executive and cousin of Francis, Alex Wisidagama, was also arrested. Francis is being held without bail as he posed a flight risk.
Last week, Alex Wisidagama was sentenced to 63 months in federal prison. He was accused of defrauding the U.S. Navy of $34 million by inflating GDMA’s invoices. Neil Peterson and Linda Raja, both Singaporeans and employees of GDMA, were charged in San Diego in California in relation to this scandal.
The Department of Justice announced in a statement that US Navy Captain Daniel Dusek has been sentenced to more than three years and eight months in jail for providing classified information to Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA) in exchange for prostitutes and luxury gifts.
Authorities in the United States and Singapore have filed criminal charges against 27 people so far. Prosecutors have said 200 people are under scrutiny, but only a few have been named publicly.