18 July 2019

Minneapolis-based Entrust Datacard Corporation (EDC) and its controlled affiliates have been debarred from participating in bidding for World Bank projects. EDC accessed and changed confidential draft bid specifications related to a contract to provide personalization machines to be used in the ID card production in Bangladesh’s company also accessed information regarding other bidders.
The $219 million project was to establish a secure, accurate and reliable national ID system.
The 12-month debarment does not require cross debarment by other development banks. Cross debarment is imposed only when the duration of debarment is for more than a year. The 12-month debarment is followed by conditional non-debarment of up to nine months.
The debarment is part of a settlement agreement under which the company acknowledged responsibility for the underlying questionable practices and agreed to meet specified corporate compliance conditions as a condition for release from debarment.

World Bank Group reported.