Country Crossing casino developer Ronnie Gilley

Montgomery. The trial began on Wednesday (15 February 2012) with the playing of the audio recording of a wire-tapped phone call made by Country Crossing casino developer Ronnie Gilley to another male lobbyist in which he said that Jennifer Pouncy expose her breasts to Senator Jim Preuitt to secure his vote. Gilley apologised and said that it meant to be a joke.
Gilley and Country Crossing casino were financially in bad shape and electronic bingo legislation was his only hope of operating in Houston County. Gilley therefore formed an alliance with Victoryland owner Milton Mcgregor. Gilley said they both agreed that legislation paving the way for legalized electronic bingo was “vital” to their survival. Mcgregor loaned him $14 million with the intent of using the cash to encourage lawmakers to vote for a gambling bill. Gilley said that money, in part, was for making campaign contributions. Gilley testified further that he and McGregor, along with lobbyist Jarrod Massey and others, targeted specific legislators whose votes could be bought.
Gilley’s testimony is expected to continue for one more day.