Dalhi Myers

21 December 2020

Richland County Council Vice Chairwoman Dalhi Myers was indicted on 24 counts of public corruption charges. It was alleged that she used her government credit card to cover personal trips to Greece, Detroit and Nashville, Tenn., and pay for chocolates, books and a cellphone. She also used campaign cash to pay an expense at her law firm. She made a fraudulent cheque for $5,000. She claimed that she met in Greece somebody who knew about the sewer system, so she could convert the trip to be paid for by the county. Prosecution also claimed When a newspaper asked for her spending records she wrote a cold check in the amount of $27,000 to Richland County.

She was suspended from office by Governor on Friday. Anyway she was already on her way out in two weeks. She lost in the Democratic primary for Council District 10 earlier this year, and her term ends Dec. 31.
During the hearing, the state attorney general’s office criticized Richland County overall, saying it tolerates many questionable spending decisions.

The court granted Myers a $100,000 personal bond. She must also surrender her passport and hand over all county property, the judge ordered. The court also ordered that Myers not have any contact with county employees except for an emergency.

Thestate.com reported