According to Straits Times news on 30 December 2011, Jinga 13, a non-profit organization, had taken a “secret” video of an uptown district apartment in Orchard Scots in Singapore, belonging to Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s family, to prove that it was as luxurious as it was made out to be. Ms Shahrizat is the Minister for Women, Family and Community Development inMalaysia.

Members of Jinga 13 also shot a two minute video of a steakhouse, MeatWorks, also owned by Ms Shahrizat’s family at the Ion Orchard Shopping mall. They said that “there was no halal sign, and liquor was sold at the premises”.

Ms Shahrizat is under pressure to step down after an audit report revealed shortcomings in a RM250 million cattle project helmed by her husband.

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