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Maldives: Corruption probe for land reclamation project

17 February 2011.President Mohammad Nasheed has asked Acting Finance Minister Mahmoud Razi to investigate whether the Thilafushi reclamation project, awarded to Heavy Load Maldives, involved any corruption. A statement issued by the President’s Office said the task was given to the Finance Ministry because every public company is run under the ministry. “The request was made as the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) ordered Thilafushi Corporation to halt the Thilafushi reclamation project, carried out by Heavy Load Maldives and to re-invite bids,” the statement read. Despite ACC’s request to halt the project being carried out by Heavy Load to reclaim 130 hectares from the Thilafushi lagoon, the Thilafushi Corporation Limited (TCL) said it was continuing with the reclamation. TCL awarded the US$21 million project to Heavy Load on September 30, 2010, to reclaim 130 hectares from Thilafushi lagoon. The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Parliamentary Group Leader ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik holds shares in Heavy...

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Maldives: Law amened to give retirement package to Mujthaz Fahmy

Mujthaz Fahmy 29 December 2010. The Majlis yesterday amended the Judges’ Act to award a Rf 53,250 monthly retirement package to former Interim-Supreme Court Justice Mujthaz Fahmy, who was found to have embezzled state funds in 1996. Former Justice Fahmy claimed, by fraudulent means, Rf900 in overtime pay while working as a judge at former Court No.2 in 1996. MP Afraasheem Ali, who had introduced one of the amendments, also made it clear that it was a purpose-built package for former Justice Fahmy. Former Justice Fahmy’s education qualifications, although a matter of public interest, are not publicly available. Article 285 of the Constitution required that the Judicial Service Commission remove from the bench by August 2010 any sitting judge who did not fit the criteria stipulated in Article 149. Former Justice Fahmy himself was the Vice Chair of the Judicial Service Commission from 2008 to 2010. MP Afraasheem, who introduced part of the amendments to reward former Justice Fahmy the retirement package, is also on the Judicial Service Commission and was a colleague of former Justice Fahmy. MP Afraasheem also proposed to the Majlis yesterday that the benefits package for retired Supreme Court Judges should begin from 7 August 2010. It was the day on which former Justice Fahmy was ousted from the two positions he held – the Interim-Supreme Court bench and the JSC seat. The salary for...

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Maldives: Leaked voice clips may be ‘conversations between friends helping each other’ said Yameen

The People’s Majlis 4 July 2010. Three recordings of discussions between Majlis members referring to other members and officials, including a plan to cease work on the Tax bills in the Majlis, have appeared on the Internet. Yameen said the discussions could be a recording of a telephone call, and were potentially taped by either the Police or by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF). However, the Police denied Yameen’s claims. ”The Police will never record anyone’s phone calls,” said sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam. The police had no connection with the leaked voice recordings, he said. The People’s Alliance party secretary-general Ibrahim Shareef said that he could not say whether the voice in the clips was Yameen’s. ”Personal calls should not be recorded,” Shareef said. ”We do not have anything to say regarding this. Yameen himself will be the best person to ask. This is a personal issue.” The second recording is between the South Kulhudufushi MP Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed and MP Gasim Ibrahim, according to ‘Kutti’ Nasheed’s personal blog. Nasheed says that the request for cash from Gasim was made months ago. In his blog, Nasheed denies that the cash had anything to do with voting in the...

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Maldives: Parliament is corrupt, alleges government

The Parliament 30 June 2010. Former Attorney General Husnu Suood, who resigned yesterday together with the rest of President Nasheed’s cabinet in protest against the supposed “scorched earth” politics of opposition MPs, has confirmed that the government has arrested two MPs on charges of corruption relating to vote buying in parliament. When asked if the government has solid evidence to substantiate these allegations, Suood replied that “there are reasons to believe that some corrupt activities have taken place.” Jumhooree Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim, also the MP of Maamigili, and leader of the People’s Alliance (PA) Abdulla Yaameen, the MP for Mulaku, were arrested last night. Gasim and Yameen appeared at the high court today following a police appeal against the conditions of the warrant issued last night by the criminal court. Speaking at a press conference this morning at the President’s Office, Suood expressed strong concern at the amendments to the Financial Bill proposed by the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), highlighting article 7: “Any state asset should be given, sold or leased or any subsidy or aid to any person only under legislation approved by the parliament”, and article 10(a): “any aid given by the state to any persons or to a specific person should only be given under legislation approved by the parliament.” If the Financial Bill was ratified and parliament gained the authority to dictate...

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Maldives: Airport opposition seeks injunction over GMR deal

Male’ International Airport 30 June 2010. The opposition parties campaigning against the awarding of Male’ International Airport on Monday took the issue to the civil court, requesting a court order delaying the implementation of the agreement signed between the government and the GMR-Malaysia Airport Holdings consortium. The case was filed hours before President Mohamed Nasheed announced that his entire cabinet was resigning due to the “scorched earth” tactics of opposition MPs. Spokesperson for the joint opposition committee, Imad Solih, said on Monday that the parties had sought an injunction against the agreement proceeding “because it contains suspicious [elements] and issues relating to corruption.” Secretary General of the People’s Alliance, Ahmed Shareef, said there were “many issues of concern” which pointed to corruption in the deal. Shareef also accused the government of not consulting the Maldives Airports Company board members when making the deal. The government’s close relationship with GMR is one of the issues we presented to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).” He said these issues indicated that there were other concerning issues the party believed could potentially suggest corruption. ”The four opposition parties are against this deal,” he...

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