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Maldivs: JSC decision could “rob nation of an honest judiciary”, warns member

Supreme Court Justice Mujthaz Fahmy 10 May 2010. The Judicial Service Commission’s (JSC) decision yesterday to reappoint all sitting judges unless they have been convicted of either a crime with a punishment prescribed in the Qur’an, criminal breach of trust or bribery was “nothing less than treason to rob the people of an honest judiciary”,  claims Aishath Velezinee, the president’s member on the commission. The decision was approved with five votes in favour, two against and one abstention. Writing in her personal blog, Velezinee warns that the new standard for judges’ conduct could give tenure to 19 judges with either prior convictions or allegations of gross misconduct. If the decision is validated, she writes, the country “stands to inherit” seven judges found guilty of criminal breach of trust by the relevant authorities but not convicted in court; five judges with allegations of criminal breach of trust; two judges who face prosecution for criminal breach of trust; one judge on trial for sexual misconduct; two judges found guilty of sexual misconduct but not tried at court; one judge guilty of a crime with a punishment prescribed in the Quran; and one judge guilty of sexual misconduct and accused of criminal breach of trust. While Velezinee said Mujthaz Fahmy was among the 19 judges with prior records, Suood accused Fahmy of holding up the promotion of rival judges for “personal reasons”....

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Maldives: Cases filed with ACC against councilor who led funeral prayers

27 April 2010. A man in Thaa Atoll Dhiyamigili has filed a case with the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) against the island councilor Adnan Ali, for reportedly leading a funeral prayer. The funeral prayer was a Salaat-ul-Janazah bil Ghaib [Funeral Prayer in the absence of the dead body] which is disputed among the scholars. An official at the island office told Minivan News that the councilor was not certified to lead the funeral prayer. ”Funeral prayers are always led by the Imam or island chiefs who are certified by the Islamic Ministry,” he said. ”One of the men was a man of our Island and the other man was his friend from another island,” the official said. State minister for Islam Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said that there was no certain regulation on the matter. ”If no certified person is available it is all right for anyone to do [lead funeral prayers],” Shaheem said. ”We have sent new rules and regulations to the Attorney General, which will include such...

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Maldives: Presidential commission sends corruption case against Yameen to police

Abdulla Yameen 27 April 2010. A case concerning the People’s Alliance (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen has been forwarded to the police by the Presidential Commission. The investigation concerns corruption allegations against Yameen during his time as chairman of the State Trading Organisation (STO). Spokesperson for the Presidential Commission, Abdulla Haseen, confirmed they have “finished the report and we have submitted it to police.” Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed police had received “a new case from the Presidential Commission related to the STO,” but could not give any more...

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Maldives: Presidential Commission member resigns over “political influences”

President Nasheed 14 April 2010. Presidential Commission member Idham Muizzu Adnan resigned from the commission yesterday, claiming a lack of transparency and impartiality. The Presidential Commission is an independent body created by President Mohamed Nasheed in May 2009 to investigate corruption allegations in the country. The president was also responsible for appointing all of its members. Spokesperson for the Presidential Commission, Abdulla Haseen, said the commission’s mandate was to investigate corruption cases, particularly targeting people accused of corruption under the previous regime. However Adnan, who has worked with the commission since it was created, said he resigned because of “certain political influences” that were being imposed on the commission. Adnan said a press conference scheduled for yesterday evening was cancelled at the last minute on request from the President’s Office, which made him reconsider his position in the commission. “I feel [the commission] cannot function in an impartial manner,” Adnan said. Haseen confirmed the scheduled press conference was postponed “on the advice of the President’s Office.” Haseen said the commission regularly seeks the president’s advice, since “he appointed the commission, it is related to his advice,” and their investigations are always “cooperative.” Press Secretary for the President’s Office Mohamed Zuhair said President Nasheed expressed his regret about Adnan’s resignation, and thanked him for his sincerity and the legal advice he provided the commission. He said the president “didn’t want...

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Maldives: PG’s office sends corruption cases back to Auditor General’s office

5 April 2010. The Prosecutor General’s office has returned cases against former government ministers forwarded several weeks ago by former Auditor General Ibrahim Naeem. Deputy Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem said the cases was returned to the Auditor General’s Office “because they were not investigated sufficiently.” Shameem said they should have been “properly investigated” by the Auditor General’s Office before being sent to the PG’s Office. Press Secretary for the President’s Office Mohamed Zuhair said the former Auditor General “did not make up this case on his own or without collecting information. He would have sent these cases to the PG after working with a team.” Zuhair said parliament’s no-confidence decision on Naeem did not mean that the whole Audit office was...

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