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The 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index

A glimpse of how civil society can transform a country? There are protests around the world against corruption and demonstrators demand greater accountability of their governments and leaders. In a world economy affected by crisis, there is increasing concern that corruption is on the rise. Public concern and anger over corruption has led to riots and has contributed to the overthrow of regimes. Yet, very little is known about the specifics of corruption around the world. It is difficult to measure corruption because of the nature of the crime – for example, in the case of government corruption, the...

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Global Corruption Barometer

Transparency International conducts the Global Corruption Barometer(GCB) survey. This survey aims to capture the experiences and views of more than 91,500 people in 86 countries and territories, making it the only world-wide public opinion survey on corruption. According to the GCB Survey in 2010 the views on corruption  in Western Europe and North America were most negative. The financial crisis continued to affect the peoples’ perception of corruption. Nine institutions and services covered in the survey are: Political Parties Public Officials/Civil Servants Parliament/Legislature Police Business/Private Sector Religious Bodies Judiciary Media Education System Ngos (Non-Governmental Organisations) Military According to those surveyed police are the most frequent recipient of...

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The National Integrity System (NIS) assessment

The National Integrity System (NIS) assessment NIS assessment approach provides anti-corruption agencies a framework to analyse the extent and causes of corruption as well as the effectiveness of anti-corruption efforts at national level. A well-functioning NIS provides safeguards against corruption, abuse of power, malfeasance, and misappropriation in all its forms. Assessments were carried out by Transparency International and the results are presented in the form of country...

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Bribe Payers Index 2011

If there are no bribe payers there will be no corruption. Here is an attempt to find out the bribe payers. The 2011 Bribe Payers Index ranks the likelihood of companies from 28 leading economies to win business abroad by paying bribes. The index is the result of surveys carried out by Transparency International. Companies from the wealthiest countries generally rank in the top half of the Index, but still routinely pay bribes, particularly in developing economies Companies from emerging export powers India, China and Russia rank among the worst. In the case of these and other emerging export powers, efforts to strengthen domestic anti-corruption activities have failed to extend...

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Maldives: CPI report puts Maldives among the most corrupt nations.

Maldives 3 December 2011. The Maldives remained among the most corrupt countries in the world with a 2.5 score in Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), according to the 2011 CPI report published by Transparency International. The country, which received a 143 ranking last year, is ranked 134th alongside Cameroon, Eritrea, Guyana, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Niger, Pakistan and Sierra Leone. The Maldives’ score, however, was a slight improvement to last year’s 2.3 on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 10 (very clean). In a statement, Transparency Maldives said the poor performance shows the failure of state bodies in combating the widespread...

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