5 December 2019
Mr Paul Whyte, 56, assistant director general of WA’s Department of Communities, was last month charged with two counts of official corruption over allegations he falsified invoices to steal $2.5 million dollars in public funds. Police later told the court the final amount allegedly stolen could be up to $25 million. The investigations have prompted the Government to set up a Public Sector Commission inquiry into the agency and tighten oversight and spending rules across departments.
Two others, Jacob Anthonisz and 45-year-old women whose name was not revealed, were charged along with Whyte as accomplices. It’s believed Jacob Anthonisz co-owns racehorses with Mr Whyte. The two accomplices are not public sector employees.

Jacob Anthonisz

Mr Whyte (in picture above) and Mr Anthonisz (in picture below) used fake invoices to defraud public funds of $2.5 million.
It was reported that Mr Whyte and Mr Anthonisz owned around 100 racehorses between them in Australia and New Zealand. That includes horses they owned and others in which they held a syndicate stake. These assets have now been frozen by the Corruption and Crime Commission.

ABC News reported.