21 March 2013. Former chief of Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Peter Lim Sin Pang is accused of obtaining sexual favours from Ms Pang Chor Mui in exchange for allowing her company to bid for the tender for the supply of radiation monitors to SCDF.

Continuing her evidence yesterday she gave two reasons for having oral sex with Peter Lim – she liked him a lot and that she did not want to antagonise him. When probed by the prosecution, Ms Pang said: “I know that if I didn’t complete that thing (the CPIB statement recording), I would not be able to leave that place (CPIB).”

Prosecution pointed out that had Peter Lim tipped off Ms Pang, Nimrod would not have been able to meet the time line to make the bid.

SCDF officer Yazid Abdullah also testified in court for a few minutes in the afternoon.

Defence lawyer argued that the prosecution had not established a link between the sex act and corruption. He said that Peter Lim had not solicited oral sex from Ms Pang. He added that Lim did not tell her that SCDF was going to call a tender for radiation detector.

After the prosecution wrapped up its case the judge accepted the prosecutions view that the presumption of corruption had been made out and that Lim has a case to answer. This means that Lim will have to take the stand on 25 March 2013 to defend his case.