20 March 2013. Yesterday was the third day of Ms Pang Chor Mui on the witness stand in the corruption trial of Peter Lim. On Tuesday, the prosecution applied to cross examine Ms Pang as a hostile witness because of discrepancies between her statement to the CPIB and her evidence in the court. One area of contention was the reason for her performing fellatio on Peter Lim.

Yesterday the defence sought to establish that her company, Nimrod, did not get any advantage because of her giving sexual favours to the then head of SCDF. She said that she did not want to bid for the tender as the amount involved was small. But her Managing Director, Tamil Selvan, saw a potential in the region and also because there were enquiries from other businesses and government agencies. She also said that at the time of the sexual encounter she had not tendered for any projects in SCDF. She said that she agreed to the sexual favour because she did not want to antagonise him because of friendship and her company’s dealings with SCDF. In reply to a question put by the defence lawyer, she said that she did not agree to the sex because of business reasons. She did not think that if she had refused, it would have had a negative impact on her company.

The prosecution’s case is that Lim tipped off Nimrod about SCDF’s need for walk-through radiation portal monitors even before the information was made public.The trial continues.