26 March 2014.
Former Supreme Court Judge and the chief of The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Megan Latham, has stated it is unlikely that a corruption finding could be made against Senator Arthur Sinodinos. The Senator is listed as a witness in the inquiry into Australian Water Holdings (AWH).

AWH is accused of corruptly securing a contact with Sydney Water, and using the money for paying executive salaries and donations to Liberal party at a time when Senator Sinodinos was on the AWH board. Some witnesses testified that he was warned that the directors of AWH were dishonest.

The inquiry heard earlier that the Senator was paid $ 200,000 a year plus bonuses for 100 hours of work and stood to make up to $20 million from the AWH deal with Sydney Water, a New South Wales state owned entity. Senator is expected to testify next week. The former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally is scheduled to testify tomorrow. It was during her premiership the water deal was struck after Labour Ministers Joe Tripodi and Tony Kelly allegedly ‘doctored’ a cabinet minute about the deal between AWH and Sydney Water.
The Commission is inquiring into the allegations that the family of former Labour minister Eddie Obeid had a 30% stake in AWH.