Canadian Police

19 January 2021

Toronto police suspected one of its constables and arranged for an undercover investigation. The undercover officer told a virtual Ontario court he was asked in June 2018 to look into the actions of Richard Senior, a constable with the York Regional Police.
The undercover officer managed to install recording equipment in Richard Senior’s personal truck as well as in one of the cruisers the two of them used. Another undercover officer was to pose as a drug dealer.

In early July 2018, the undercover officer went out driving together with Richard Senior and stopped at the undercover officer who posed as a drug dealer. The officer posing as drug dealer said that he would become an informant in return for leniency.

Prosecutors allege that Senior planned to rob a fictitious drug warehouse he learned about from the fake informant, and offered to sell the drugs to two men he knew. Prosecutors also said that he trafficked steroids and testosterone to the undercover officer posing as his partner and to another officer.

Prosecutors also allege that Senior stole money he was given to pay informants, namely the second undercover officer and a friend using an alias. He submitted a false intelligence report about his former lover, alleging that she was involved in the drug trade and attributed the information to that same source. Prosecutors alleged that he did so because he was “upset” after his ex threatened to expose an extramarital affair. He is also accused of accessing information from a police database and disclosing confidential information to third parties.

Senior has pleaded not guilty to 14 charges, including breach of trust and trafficking cocaine and steroids.

Source: CityNews Ottawa.