Anti-Corruption Day in Sudan

9 December 2020
Today is International Anti-Corruption Day organized by the UN. The theme for this year’s anti-corruption day is to be “United Against Corruption”. Politicians and civil groups very often put forward anti-corruption campaigns. Governments change, leaders change but corruption remains in many countries without any change. Transparency in public procurement, support to whistle blowers and press freedom are important in fighting corruption in any country.

Corruption is seen at its worst in the public procurement of personal protective equipment and other supplies for the Covid-19 pandemic. Corruption diverts funds way from people in their hour of greatest need. Many states raised billions of dollars to procure equipment to fight Covid-19 and provide economic support for their people and businesses in distress. But due to lack of oversight and accountability a large portion of these funds were diverted into the hands of wealthy politicians and businessmen.

United Nations Convention Against Corruption has set up necessary framework to minimize large scale corruption. A vast majority of United Nations Member States are parties to the Convention. But yet these guidelines are not implemented so that a few immoral people can benefit from the available funds.

Transparency International publishes every year a perception index that shows the position of a country on a scale of 1 to 100. The countries that have higher numbers should make an effort to improve their status by moving one or two notches every year.