10 May 2018

Vinay Bansal, son of Arvind Kejriwal’s deceased brother-in-law, was arrested by Anti-Corruption Bureau in connection with the PWD scam, a senior police official said. Vinay Bansal was a partner in his father’s company Renu Construction, which was awarded a tender for road and sewer construction projects at 46 per cent lower than the estimated cost of $7,350 (Rs 490,000).

Rahul Sharma, the complainant and the founder of NGO Roads Anti-Corruption Organisation (RACO), alleged that the product quality was inferior. He alleged that Mr Kejriwal and PWD minister Satyender Jain misused their office for grant of contracts to Renu Construction. The Delhi Police stated that the arrest was made because the accused said during the questioning, that the materials were bought from Mahadev Company which was found to be non-existent. Three companies, including Renu Constructions (owned by Bansal, Kamal Singh and Pawan Kumar), were included in the FIRs.

Renu Construction was founded by Surender Bansal who has since passed away. His son, Vinay Bansal, took over his father’s business and may not be familiar with all the intricacies of his father’s business and may not have been able to answer all the questions.

The Delhi Government claimed that the construction work undertaken by Bansal’s firm was given a clean chit by Sriram Labs, which was directed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to do the inspection. It also claimed that a third-party certification of the construction was done by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee.

Arvind Kejriwal is an anti-corruption crusader. He came to power on anti-corruption drive. It is unlikely that he will be involved in such a corrupt activity.

It was also mentioned that the contract was awarded at 46 per cent lower than the estimated cost of $7,350. Therefore, the contract must have been awarded for around $3,969. How much Vinay Bansal, Kamal Singh, Pawan Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal and PWD minister Satyender Jain together could have made from a $4,000 contract? Millions of dollars being swindled out of Indian government every day are going unnoticed by Roads Anti-Corruption Organisation.

Delhi’s Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB), last year, raided Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s deceased brother-in-law Surender Kumar Bansal’s residence in the alleged $600,000 PWD scam. This was done on a complaint by NGO Roads Anti-Corruption Organisation (RACO). But nothing seemed to have come out of this investigations and Surender Kumar Bansal was no more.