Moyukh Bhaduri,

9 November 2020

The Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) has charged Moyukh Bhaduri, the former Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Steelworks Construction Limited (HSCL), in a bribery case.
HSCL was appointed as the Project Management Service Provider for the Trade Facilitation Centre and Crafts Museum (TFC & CM), Badalalpur, Varanasi. A memorandum of understanding was signed on 5 July 2015.

According to the CBI, HSCL rigged the tender process by preparing the documents in such a way that only Vijay Nirman Company would qualify for the contract. Moyukh Bhaduri conspired with Anant Saxena, MD of Zillion Infra Projects, GRK Reddy of NCC Limited and Dhiraj Kanchal to demand a bribe of $135,000 from Vijay Nirman Company. Moyukh Bhaduri and Anant Saxena attempted to get further 7.5% of the contract amount.

The CBI said that Rao and Kumar of Vijay Nirman Company, arranged the first instalment of $67,500 from Madhuri Constructions, Hyderabad, and delivered it to Saxena in the bank account of his firm Zillion Infra Projects. Madhuri Construction was used as an intermediary to move the funds.

Besides Bhaduri, Saxena, Rao, Kumar and Kanchal, the CBI has also booked four others-Hadrian Sarraddar, GM Engineering, and D C Bandopadhyay, Advisor Marketing and Contract, both in Hindustan Steelworks Construction Ltd, Vikas Jalan and GRK Reddy.

Earlier in July this year, Bhaduri was booked for demanding $135,000 and 5.5 per cent of the project cost as bribe from the same company in 2015 for developing Manipur’s National Sports University.
PTI reported.