5 November 2020

Iraqi security forces yesterday arrested Raad Al-Haris, adviser to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, over charges linked to corruption and mismanagement.

The Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq issued an arrest warrant against Raad Mohsen Ghazi Shabib Al-Haris based on a complaint filed against him by the permanent investigation committee.

A permanent committee focused on investigating cases of corruption and high-profile crimes was set up on the instruction of the Prime Minister. The committee is headed by human rights officer Ahmed Taha Hashem and includes representatives of the intelligence and national security agencies and the Iraqi Commission of Integrity.

Haris was deputy minister of electricity for ten years before becoming Kadhimi’s adviser. For many Iraqis Electricity Ministry is one of the most corrupt government bodies in the country. Some blame Haris for destroying the country’s electricity sector. Since 2003 the ministry has spent over $60 billion. But it failed to produce enough electricity to meet the demand. In view of this Iraqi parliament decided to form a special committee to probe contracts signed by the ministry. The head of the committee and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan al-Kaabi, revealed that a preliminary report has been written on the billions of dollars squandered, administrative violations, and major corruption files.

Aharq Al-awsat reported.