Domenico Criscito

Domenico Criscito

30 May 2012.  Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has suggested suspending football for two to three years in light of the latest corruption scandal to rock the Italian game.

An elaborate match-fixing plot was uncovered on Monday after the police made an early-morning raid on Italy’s training base at Coverciano to search the room of left-back Domenico Criscito.

The dramatic developments in Florence have now prompted Monti to call for drastic action.

Italy captain Gianluigi Buffon also responded to Italian Prime Minster Mario Monti’s suggestion that football should be suspended for two to three years in light of the latest corruption scandal. “I think that a suspension would mean penalising the majority of players who are without blame,” the World Cup winner argued. “The important thing is to make the right distinction between abnormal behaviour and criminal behaviour.”

The Juventus goalkeeper intimated earlier this week that it is only natural that teams will sometimes agree on a draw if a point suits both sides, a view which was not well received in light of the ongoing investigation into match-fixing within the Italian game.