29 June 2018

Tuanku Mizan Military Hospital pathologist, Colonel Dr R. Kunaseegaran was found guilty by Shah Alam Sessions Court of soliciting and receiving RM700,000 from Abdul Razar Abdullah to recommend the latter’s company RAZ Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd to supply medicines and disposable medical instruments to the hospital.

Dr Kunaseegaran is currently being held at Sungai Buloh Prison pending hearing of the murder trial in which he is accused of abetting five men in killing Kevin Morais, 55, whose body was found in a drum filled with concrete at Subang Jaya in 2015. Kevin was Deputy Public Prosecutor in Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. At the time of his murder he was involved in the prosecution of Dr Kunaseegaran in the above-mentioned corruption trial at Shah Alam Sessions Court.

Five men – R. Dinishwaran, 23; A. Thinesh Kumar, 22; M. Vishwanath, 25; S. Nimalan, 22; and S. Ravichandaran, 45, – are jointly charged with murdering Morais.

Gunasekaran and Ravichandaran are close friends of Dr Kunaseegaran. Gunasekaran was acquitted by the High Court of the murder charge after he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of concealing Morais’ body and disposing his car with the intention of protecting the accused. Gunasekaran is a prosecution witness.

Pascal Najadi, the son of assassinated Arab-Malaysian Development Bank (AmBank) founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi has publicly declared that Kevin Morais’ disappearance was linked to his father’s murder in a statement published in his Facebook page, Justice-For-Najadi-AmBank.

Speaking to Sarawak Report in July 2015, Pascal Najadi said: “This was an execution, not a killing. The story about the temple doesn’t add up. He has nothing to do with the Temple. Why would you kill someone over some row about that?”

Najadi claimed that his father was killed after gleaning information about the 1MDB wrongdoing. Media reports claimed that over $680m connected to state companies 1MDB and SRC International was paid into Razak’s AmBank accounts. International Business Times reported.

Dato Richard Morais was the last person seeing assassinated Hussain Najadi at the temple July 29th 2013. Mr. Hussain Najadi, on the way to the temple called his lawyer to inform him that a certain Dato Richard Morais requested to see him at the Guan Yin temple on the Monday 29th of July 2013. Malaysian Digest reported.

The temple in the Golden Triangle is an attractive  target for land grab.

Within minutes after Richard Morais left the temple, Hussain Najadi was assassinated by Koong Swee Kwan who received RM 20,000 from a Malaysian Lim Suen Yew to assassinate the prominent banker.

The temple’s trustees were adamant not to let go of the land. This led to the appointment of a mediator by interested parties to soften the trustees. Datuk Richard Morais, known as “Black Jesus” in the Kuala Lumpur underworld. Interested parties chose Richard as mediator whose method was very simple; flash a gun at the temple’s trustees and tell them what is waiting for them if they refuse to sell the land.

Temple trustees chose Hussain as mediator to soften Richard. The temple trustees also hired Koong See Kwan to wait outside the temple. He was shown a photo of Richard and was instructed to terminate him. Koong arrived late and Richard had already left the temple. When Hussain and his wife emerged from the temple Kong shot them at point blank range, killing Hussain and injuring his wife. Koong did not know that he had shot the wrong target until his trial began. Malaysia Today reported.

In a response to Pascal Najadi’s statement Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull said on 22 May 2018 that Kevin Morais’ murder had nothing to do with the 1MDB probe because he was the prosecutor on Kunaseegaran’s corruption case. This no doubt puts an end to the rumour that Kevin was involved in 1MDB probe.

In another twist Claire Rewcastle-Brown of Sarawak Report said that Kevin Morais had leaked information regarding the Attorney-General (AG) Chambers investigation into a 1MDB-linked company. But one cannot rule out that someone who stumbled across the charge sheet prepared at AG’s chambers might have leaked it to Claire Rewcastle-Brown using Kevin’s name.

Charles Morais, brother of slain Kevin Morais made a statutory declaration stating that Kevin Morais was asked to investigate Prime Minister Najib Razak over money misappropriated from the 1MDB related company SRC International and that he sent copies of the charge sheet to Sarawak Report. Datuk Richard Morais wants the police to find and arrest his brother Charles Suresh for his statutory declaration which was publicised widely. Charles appears to have returned to United States where he is a permanent resident. In his statutory declaration Charles asked for a second autopsy to be done on Kevin’s body. But before the second autopsy Richard claimed his body and had it cremated.

It was rumoured that Richard Morais and his wife got involved in the pyramid scam and a certain Datuk close to Rosmah settled his debts of RM5 million recently.

Plot thickens as Mabel Muttiah, a newly-elevated senior assistant to the then Attorney General Apandi, informed the Morais family that they cremate the murdered prosecutor instead of waiting for a second autopsy. Sarawak Reporter alleged.

It is not clear why the Attorney General’s office was in such a hurry to stop the second autopsy. Apandi Ali was appointed attorney general to hush the 1MDB probe by anti-corruption agency.

Mabel Muttiah claimed that she had been a close friend of Kevin’s. Mabel lodged a police report against Sarawak Report over allegations that she had played a role in preventing the second post-mortem on Kevin. Mabel might have done this with good intention as she did not want to see a colleague’s body lying in the mortuary for long.

These are only rumours and from the evidence presented in the courts it looks that Dr Kunaseegaran and 5 other accused will be found guilty. Of the 5 accused only Ravichandaran is known to Dr Kunaseegaran. The other 4 accused must have been recruited by Ravichandaran. Let us wait for the court’s decision.