The Mosque27 April 2010. A man in Thaa Atoll Dhiyamigili has filed a case with the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) against the island councilor Adnan Ali, for reportedly leading a funeral prayer. The funeral prayer was a Salaat-ul-Janazah bil Ghaib [Funeral Prayer in the absence of the dead body] which is disputed among the scholars. An official at the island office told Minivan News that the councilor was not certified to lead the funeral prayer. ”Funeral prayers are always led by the Imam or island chiefs who are certified by the Islamic Ministry,” he said. ”One of the men was a man of our Island and the other man was his friend from another island,” the official said. State minister for Islam Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said that there was no certain regulation on the matter. ”If no certified person is available it is all right for anyone to do [lead funeral prayers],” Shaheem said. ”We have sent new rules and regulations to the Attorney General, which will include such issues.”