The Supreme Court of Maldives

The Supreme Court of Maldives

30 January 2012. The 2008 Constitution in many ways lifted the spirit of the nation.

Proud as having one of the finest form of Bill of Rights enshrined in the Constitution, with distinctively independent Judiciary and constitutional institutions to check and balance government activities, the people perceived it as the ultimate guarantee of liberty and sanctity of their rights.

Since the beginning of this month, President Nasheed relentlessly assaults judiciary. The nation, since then had witnessed continuous protests. Professionals condemn it as a grave constitutional offence. Judicial Service Commission called for the release of arrested Chief of the Criminal Court. The High Court for third consecutive time issued orders to have the judge presented in the court, which government of Nasheed defies without shame.

Article 21 of the said Act provides the commission with the authority to appoint judges to all courts with exception of the Supreme Court, discipline judges even in case of Supreme Court, the Commission has the mandate to recommend candidate for the apex court.

The President has declared his intention not to submit to the rules and judgments issued by lower courts. The uncertainty, judicial assault and defaming of judiciary many believe is governments own creation without a legal merit.