Sedat Peker

24 May 2021

Sedat Peker, an exiled Turkish mafia leader living in Dubai, has been releasing a series of videos on social media claiming that prominent political figures in Turkey, have been involved in drug trafficking and murder. His aim is to seek revenge against those who discredited him in favor of rival mafia leader Alaattin Cakici, who was released from prison last year. His videos became so popular that IMDb has listed all the “episodes” as a TV mini-series under the topics of biography, crime and reality TV.

In his latest video, he says that Mehmet Agar, the country’s former interior minister and police chief, was involved in the assassination of investigative journalist Ugur Mumcu in a car bomb attack in 1993. He claimed that Agar was the first person to visit the crime scene after the assassination. Mumcu ran a series of in-depth stories about corruption in the government and the alleged ties of Turkey’s intelligence agency and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Peker had close ties with the government until recently. He said that Turkish ministers and their family members earned a lot o money in drug trafficking using him. He made another claim that Erkan Yildirim, the son of Turkey’s former prime minister, paid frequent visits to Venezuela to make the South American country a new drug route for Turkey.

Turkish police detained the brother of Sedat Peker, Atilla Peker, and a personal guard on Sunday after Peker said he sent him on a failed mission to kill a Turkish Cypriot journalist 25 years ago on the orders of a former Turkish minister. Sedat Peker said his brother was unable to carry out the assassination, although Adali was shot dead shortly afterwards in July 1996.

Turkish investigation did not uncover who was responsible for that murder. The European Court of Human Rights fined Turkey in 2005 for the failure to carry out a proper investigation into the circumstances surrounding the killing.

President Tayyip Erdogan said in response to the videos last week that his government brought peace to Turkey by tackling criminal gangs. Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has filed a criminal complaint against Peker and called for him to be charged with slander.

Source: Reuters