Heath Streak

15 April 2021
Former Zimbabwe captain Heath Streak has been banned from all cricket for eight years after he accepted five charges of breaching the ICC Anti-Corruption Code.

Mr. Streak was the coach of Zimbabwe from 2016 to 2018 and was the coach of various domestic teams. He was also a coach for Afghanistan Premier League (APL). He was charged as a participant under the Code by virtue of his status as a coach. He admitted to five breaches of the ICC’s anti-corruption code, including accepting a payment in bitcoins from a potential corruptor.
Streak acted as a facilitator of approaches by a corruptor to people within teams he was a part of. Streak was also charged with facilitating or attempting to introduce four players, including a national captain, to a potential corruptor. The three other charges revolve around his failure to disclose receiving gifts or payment in lieu of this facilitation, and the failure to disclose potentially corrupt approaches in various matches.

Streak accepted two bitcoins(US$35,000) from the potential corruptor identified in the ICC’s investigation as Mr X. At the APL, he was also gifted a new iPhone for this wife, both of which he failed to disclose to ICC anti-corruption investigators. He also sought to obstruct and delay the investigation.

During his career he had participated in numerous anti-corruption education sessions and was fully aware of his responsibilities under the Code.

Alex Marshall, ICC General Manager – Integrity Unit, said: “The offences did not affect the outcomes of any relevant matches and Mr Streak has agreed to assist the ICC anti-corruption education programme for which we are grateful. He has also expressed his remorse and contrition and entered this agreed sanction decision to avoid the need for a full disciplinary process. The sanction reflects this cooperation.”
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