17 April 2012. Supporters, numbering 1000, of N.Enkhbayar
gathered at Sukhbaatar Square to demand his release. You
will find some pictures of the gathering here.

On Monday, Sukhbaatar District Court has decided to extend
detaining of ex-president N.Enkhbayar to ten days.

On Monday, nine MPs of the MPP delivered a demand to
Speaker D.Demberel demanding resignation of Justice and
Internal Affairs Minister, Ts.Nyamdorj. They denounced the
manner in which the dawn raid was conducted. Four of the
MPs were present when N.Enkhbayar was arrested.

The lawmakers said Nyamdorj was responsible for organizing
the arrest and rough handling of Enkhbayar. However,
Nyamdorj repeatedly claimed he was not aware of the
planned arrest.

Enkhbayar’s arrest polarised Mongolian society. The
stand-off between his supporters and police was televised
live on TV. There was also a rumour that Enkhbayar will go
on a hunger strike. There was no further development of
this news. There were also unsupported rumours that some
members of the MPP will cross over to MPRP. This news also
seems to have faded out.

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