20 October 2018
Imran Khan has been campaigning against corruption in Pakistan for the two decades. At last people have elected him to the position where he can do something to combat corruption.
For starters, he has created an Assets Recovery Unit (ARU) based in the prime minister’s office. The unit is Comprised of bank officials and representatives from all the government intelligence agencies. The unit is targeting high level corruption in its initial phase.
The unit is getting details of illegal foreign bank accounts within the country and stolen money stashed away in foreign countries in the form of bank assets and properties. The unit has traced $2 billion kept in other countries and details of over 10,000 properties in England and Dubai.
Imran Khan is working on law to facilitate and reward whistle-blowers by offering them 20% of the recovered money.
At the request of the Pakistan government, the British Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced a joint declaration along with the Pakistani law minister, titled “U.K.-Pakistan Justice and Accountability Partnership”. It enumerates that both governments would track corruption and restart a bilateral prisoner transfer process so that the corrupt can brought back to face the law in Pakistan.
He is negotiating with UAE to identify Pakistanis who have acquired properties in the Emirates. He has also signed a bilateral treaty with Switzerland for the exchange of information.
He has left the National Accountability Bureau, anti-corruption agency, as it is. Justice Jawad S. Khawaja of the Supreme Court criticized the institution for its practice of ‘plea bargain’ and described it as ‘institutionalized corruption.’
The Diplomat reported.