28 March 2013.  Former civil defence (SCDF) chief Peter Lim Sin Pang was on stand yesterday on the 12th day of corruption trial. He is accused of obtaining sexual favours from Ms Pang Chor Mui in return for furthering business interests of her then employer Nimrod Engineering.


Peter Lim claimed yesterday that he was prepared to have sex with her because she had “pitifully begged” him for it.


He was given a chance to explain numerous discrepancies between his statement to the CPIB and the evidence he gave in court.


He disagreed with most of the more than 40 points raised by prosecution in an attempt to summurise his corrupt intentions.


When the prosecution pointed out that Lim gave instructions to change the 6 April 2011 closed tender for radiation portal monitors to an open one to let Nimrod participate, Lim denied it. Lim said that it was because SCDF’s operational readiness to do radiation screening at Changi Airport improved after it managed to get six RPMs in working order, up from three. This was immediately after Japan’s Fukushima disaster in March 2011.


During the re-examination by the defence counsel Hamidul Haq, Lim took his time to explain the discrepancies and gave his final position on the events leading up to the oral sex on May 2010. Lim said that he was mentally prepared to have sex with Ms Pang because she asked for it.