26 July 2013.  Taipei city councillor Lai Su-ju was indicted Thursday on corruption charges for seeking $ 334 million as kickback from a multinational consortium in connection with its bid for Taipei Twin Towers project.

The consortium led by Taipei Gateway International Development Co. eventually won the tender last October with a US$2.34 billion bid, but lost its rights to the project in February when it failed to put up a performance bond by the required deadline.

Also indicted Thursday were Cheng Hung-tao, a construction contractor, Jia Er-ching, a former official with Taipei’s Department of Rapid Transit System, and Peng Chien-ming, a friend of Lai who acted as a middleman in the case.

Lai admitted to taking the money but said she considered it to be a “political donation.” She also claimed that she returned the money after realising that it came from the consortium. Lai had been detained since March and has been suspended by KMT in April for her role in the allegations.