Ms Selena Cheong,  who has been practicing as a lawyer in Singapore for some 16 rears, was found guilty of gross misconduct by a disciplinary tribunal, comprising of Senior Counsel Chan Leng Sun and lawyer Johnny Cheo. Siew Lee hired Ms Chiong in September 2009 to start divorce proceedings so that her husband’s share of the HDB flat was to be transferred to her before her husband went abroad. Madam Heng was told by the lawyer that that matter was very straightforward and could be settled in six months.

In mid-January 2010, when Madam Heng asked for, updates she found out that the divorce papers were filed only three weeks prior to that date. She decided to terminate the services of the lawyer in March 2010 but she continued to write to the other party’s lawyer.

The case will now go before the Court of Three Judges, the highest body to discipline lawyers in Singapore.