19 September 2014.
Richie McGrath rode his Ryalux to victory in the 2003 Scottish Grand National. He is now facing charges of passing inside information to personal gain. Former trainer Kate Walton is also alleged to have passed inside information. British Horseracing Authority (BHA) disciplinary panel will investigate whether McGrath, a board member of the Professional Jockeys’ Association was prepared to lose the race in order to profit from bets placed against his horse on betting exchanges.

BHA is investigating 57 races between October 2009 and April 2012 where they think the results were tampered with. Carl Flint, Kristian Robson, David Stevens, David Greenwood and Mark Aspey are also alleged to have instigated the conspiracy to corrupt the races.
Walton is said to have encouraged others to place bets on Rumble Of Thunder when they were prohibited from doing so.
Richie has informed the Professional Jockeys’ Association that he will stand down from the position of a director until his name is cleared. He has also not ridden this season.