23 April 2012. New York Police Department (NYPD) officer, Kelvin Jones, along  with two accomplices robbed hundreds of boxes of perfume  and other merchandise valued at $1 million form a
wholesale dealer of Prada, Versace and other fragrances.  The incidence took place at the warehouse of the dealer.  Jones entered the premises on the pretext of checking for  counterfeit products. The products in the warehouse were  all genuine.

Of the two accomplices one was a NYPD officer and the  other was a former officer.

Jones was an elite undercover operative for the NYPD’s  Intelligence Division. NYPD credits the undercover unit  with thwarting numerous terror and other threats against  New Yorkers.

Court records showed that NYPD authorised the  Caribbean-born Jones to use the aliases Michael Kingston  and Kelvin Johns. And in a handwritten journal, he made  cryptic references to assignments in cities far from New  York. Exact nature of his assignments was not made known.

Jones was convicted at a federal trial in Newark in  December 2010.

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