Governor Susana Martinez

ALBUQUERQUE – Today, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez signed legislation that will allow judges to impose additional financial penalties on public officials convicted of corruption, including the cost of the individual’s pension and other benefits.
The bill was sponsored by Sen. Bill Payne and was passed with bi-partisan support.  Governor Martinez was joined at the Metropolitan Courthouse in Albuquerque by Sen. Payne and Rep. Nate Gentry, who also sponsored anti-corruption legislation in the House.
Governor Martinez said that corrupt public officials should not be allowed the benefit of their taxpayer-funded salaries and pensions. This bill is aimed to send a strong message  that corruption in New Mexico will not stand. It is a great step forward, and I urge legislators of both parties to continue working with me to pass additional measures to protect taxpayers from corrupt public officials in the future.”
SB 197 will allow a judge who is sentencing an individual convicted of public corruption to levy fines that are equivalent to the individual’s salary, pension, and fringe benefits.
This important legislation will hold public officials accountable when they steal from taxpayers.