11 April 2013. A former Bronx state assemblyman, Nelson Castro, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to three counts of perjury charges stemming from a secret 2009 indictment by a grand jury.  The indictment was unsealed on Wednesday.

The charges allege that he committed perjury during a civil proceeding, before the New York City Board of Elections, concerning eligibility for placement on the ballot in a primary election for the 86th assembly district in 2008.  Mr. Castro was elected in 2009.

From the time of indictment Castro secretly cooperated with the law enforcement in wide ranging corruption probes.  He wore a secret recording device.

Castro’s lawyer said that the state charges against his client would be dismissed as long as he keeps cooperating with federal officials. Castro was released on his own recognizance Wednesday, and his next court date was set for Sept. 18.

His recordings led to the arrest last week of the Assemblyman Eric Stevens and four other businessmen on charges of taking bribe of $20,000 to do favours for the owners of adult day care centres by giving them monopoly for a period of three years.