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China: Former Anti-corruption boss is now the vice president

UPDATE 18 March 2018 Supervision Minister Yang Xiaodu, was elected head of the National Supervision Commission (NSC). He is also a deputy head of the party’s own graft-fighting Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI). Zhao Leji, remains head of the CCDI. That body will remain and will share many of its functions with the new commission. Zhao is a member of the party’s elite seven-man Standing Committee. Parliament announced on Sunday the re-elections of Li Keqiang as premier and Zhou Qiang as chief justice. The new supervision law will give detentions the cover of legality, while torture and rights...

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Indonesia: Criticising politicians is a crime

15 March 2018 A new law that came into force on Thursday (15 March) provides that anyone criticising a national politician could be jailed. The law received widespread criticism as a setback for democracy. President Joko Widodo refused to sign off on the controversial legislation. But he does not have the power to veto the bill. The bill can be challenged in constitutional court. A spokesman for the Constitutional court said it had already received three petitions challenging the law, but it could take months before it delivers a decision. At least eight lawmakers have been arrested for corruption...

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South Korea: Former president Lee Myung Bak on bribery charges in court

16 March 2018 Former South Korean president Lee Myung Bak admitted to receiving US$100,000 from the National Intelligence Service (NIS) while still in office, reports said on Thursday (15 March), after he faced 21 hours of interrogation by prosecutors over corruption allegations. Yonhap news agency quoting the prosecutor said: “President Lee denied most of the charges.” The allegations against Lee include that he gave a presidential pardon in 2009 for Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee, who had been convicted of tax evasion and given a suspended jail sentence. Lee denied owning DAS, an auto parts company he is said...

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USA: Former Senior Executives and Agents of Siemens Charged in Alleged $100 Million Foreign Bribe Scheme

16 March 2018 Eberhard Reichert, a 78-year-old German citizen, pleaded guilty on one count of conspiracy in a $100 million bribery scam. The bribery was for a $1 billion contract with the Argentine government to produce national identity cards. Siemens was awarded the contract in 1998. Reichert worked for Siemens from about 1964 to 2001.He was one of eight Siemens employees indicted on U.S. corruption charges in 2011. Reichert signed off false invoices from a sham consulting company to free up cash for payment of the bribes. He evaded arrest for six years after he was charged in the...

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Maldives: More troubles in the paradise islands.

15 March 2018 Of the $79 million pilfered from Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), US$1 million ended up in President Yameen’s personal bank account. Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives’ (PPM) parliamentary group leader Villimale MP Ahmed Nihan had earlier said that the money was held by Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). On Wednesday, MP Nihan clarified that President Yameen “had not touched the money” and that it was planted there to “insinuate fraud” to potentially implicate the president. He said that jailed former Vice President Ahmed Adheeb had deposited the money into the President Yameen’s account. Now that the...

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