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Israel: Prime Minister Netanyahu under investigation for corruption

18 February 2018. Police on Tuesday, 13 February 2018, recommended Netanyahu be indicted for fraud, breach of trust, and bribery in the investigations, known as cases 1000 and 2000. The Times of Israel reported. In Case 1000, Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, are alleged to have received illicit gifts from benefactors, most notably the Israeli-born Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, and James Packer, totalling $282,000. In return, Netanyahu is alleged to have intervened on Milchan’s behalf in matters relating to legislation, business dealings, and visa arrangements. The legislation consisted of “Milchan law”, which aimed at cutting taxes on their income...

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Maldives: Unrest after emergency rule

18 February 2018 Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has been questioned by the police over concealing of evidence. Hen is alleged to have bribed the judges to overthrow the government. Maumoon has accused the police of conducting an illegal investigation. He has been held in Dhoonidhoo and Maafushi prisons. His lawyer Hameed said, “President Maumoon gave a straight answer (to the police) : Your treatment has been unconstitutional and illegal from the start. Afraid of the law, so you hide it, afraid of rights, so you bury it, and after giving threats that implies torture, you can’t say that...

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South Africa: Jacob Zuma steps down as president

15 February 2018 Jacob Zuma agreed to step down as president after battleing with his own party, Afican National Congress(ANC). The party had sacked him as its head. The opposition party tabled a motion of no confidence. ANC was expected to vote in favour of the motion. Zuma resigned ahead of the parliamentary vote.  Early morning on Wednesday elite police unit has raided the home of wealthy Indian born Guptas family linked to President Jacob Zuma. Three arrests were made and up to seven more people will be arrested by today. Guptas have been accused of using their close...

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Bangladesh: Ex-PM Khaleda Zia jailed for five years for graft.

Update 12 February 2018 Zia’s elder son, Tarique Rahman, was sentenced to 10 years in jail on same charges. He has been living in the UK for the past nine years. Four others who were jailed along with him are former legislator Quazi Salimul Haq, former principal secretary to Zia, Kamal Uddin Siddique, Zia’s nephew Mominur Rahman and businessman Sharfuddin Ahmed. Al Jazeera reported. The court ordered that she be given the facilities of the first class division as per the jail code. The division entitles the prisoner to get a bed, a table, chair, a newspaper and a...

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Maldives: Special envoys to friendly nations, China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

8 February 2018  Maldives sends special envoys to friendly nations, China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, to provide updates on the current situation, after the declaration of the emergency rule. On Wednesday, the Minister of Economic Development, Mohamed Saeed, left for China, while the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Mohamed Asim, went to Pakistan. Dr Mohamed Shainee, the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, is scheduled to leave for Saudi Arabia on Thursday.  “India was in fact the first stop planned and proposed for a visit of a special envoy of the president of Maldives. However, the dates proposed were not...

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