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China: Online appeal for information on corruption.

8 June 2018 The government launched a Website ( to enlist the help of the masses, along with ‘wanted’ list containing details of suspects and their whereabouts. In a statement released on Wednesday, the commission supplied photographs and names of 50 corruption suspects, along with English and Chinese street names, as well as bilingual descriptions of their alleged crimes. Beijing made little progress in getting help from Western countries in its efforts to return corruption suspects. Many counties have been reluctant to sign an extradition treaty with China, citing its poor rights record and opaque criminal prosecution process. A...

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Australia: Bank in breach of anti-money laundering laws

4 June 2018 Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has agreed to pay a fine of $530 million for breeching anti-money laundering laws. This will be the largest civil penalty in Australian corporate history, if the courts approve the fine. The bank would also cover A$2.5m in legal fees accrued by investigators. “The money laundered through the CBA accounts included the proceeds of drug and firearms importation and distribution syndicates – predominantly involving methamphetamine,” the court document said. The error arose because the bank’s deposit machines could accept up to A$20,000 in cash at a time anonymously if the person depositing was...

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Spain: Prime Minister ousted on corruption scandal

4 June 2018 Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain on Friday was ousted from office following a no-confidence vote in parliament. He was replaced by a leader of the opposition Socialist Workers’ Party, Pedro Sanchez. Catalan separatist lawmakers helped overthrow Rajoy’s government. Sanchez was sworn in on Saturday (2 June 2018). The Sánchez government is likely to be a weak one and may last only a few months. News Tribune reported. Rajoy’s party members were handed jail sentences this month for their part in the long-running Operations Guertel corruption case. The National Court last week fined the party $287,000...

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Malaysia: 1MDB – a tale of corruption and lies.

27 May 2018 Xavier Andre Justo, the 52-year-old whistle-blower, has alleged that an interview on the 1MDB controversy that he gave to The Straits Times in 2015 was scripted by Petro Saudi director Patrick Mahony and British private detective Paul Finnegan. He was also told not to bring up the name Jho Low. It is not clear why Thai authorities allowed Patrick Mahony and Paul Finnegan to interfere in this case. The Straits Times was picked for that interview, he said. Justo was told that his interview would secure him early release from Thai prison. The Edge Malaysia reported. Mr Justo...

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Spain – Ruling People’s party officials found guilty of corruption

25 May 2018 Luis Barcenas, former treasurer of ruling People’s Party was convicted of receiving bribes, money laundering and tax crimes. He was handed a 33-year jail term and fined €44m. Bárcenas was once a close ally of the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy. Bárcenas’s wife, Rosalía Iglesias, was jailed for 15 years. People’s party (PP) was fined €240,000 A leading businessman, Francisco Correa, bribed party officials between 1999 and 2006 in return for contracts for public works and to organise events. Correa was sentenced to 51 years in prison, and his assistant Pablo Crespo was jailed for 37 years...

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