Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman

29 May 2021

On 24 May 2021, two Light Rail Transit (LRT) trains collided causing dozens of people to be sent to hospital. Six people are in critical condition.

A hostler, or driver, was test driving a faulty train. Its automatic system was also found to be faulty. The train was heading towards the depot. Another train carrying 213 passengers which was also heading towards the depot, crashed into the other train. The LRT trains are fully automatic and there are no drivers. If the driver of the faulty train had checked the timing of the service train the accident could have been avoided. Besides he was driving in the wrong direction. There could be other forms of accidents such as a tree falling on the track or a crane from a nearby construction site crashing. Therefore the transport authority could consider employing a hostler who could take control of the train in an emergency situation.

Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, the chairman of the LRT firm, Prasarana Malaysia, failed to visit the accident site on th day of the accident. He visited the site one day later, downplayed his absence on the day of the accident. He described the accident as two trains kissing each other. This frivolous remark drew the ire of the people and they called for his resignation. Over 100,000 signatures were gathered by Wednesday (26 May) for a petition demanding his resignation. Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz on Wednesday issued a letter to Mr Tajuddin, informing him that his position as non-executive chairman of the firm had been terminated, effective immediately.

Mr. Rahman is also an MP for Pasar Sala. He was arrested on 27 May on suspicion that he had interfered with unspecified business dealings involving the company. He was released on oral bail after giving his statement to the anti-graft agency, pending the Attorney-General’s Chamber’s decision, according to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, or MACC. Four months ago authorities raided the rail operator’s headquarters in Bangsar.

Mr. Rahman is a man with a long history of controversy and uncouth behaviour throughout his political career. He was once sacked by the Umno Supreme Council for releasing controversial statements such as threatening “to slap” ethnic Chinese who take their complaints outside Malaysia. He was reinstated three years later.

Yahoo News and Malaymail reported.