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Singapore: Former GM of AMKTC charged with corruption

14 March 2018 Wong Chee Meng, 58 also known as Victor Wong, former general manager (GM) and secretary of Ang Mo Kio Town Council (AMKTC) was charged in the State Courts on Wednesday (14 March) with 55 counts of corruptly accepting gratification. Todayonline reported. He allegedly received $107,000 in bribes from 19-ANC Enterprise Pte Ltd and 19-NS2 Enterprise Pte Ltd. Both companies are engaged in building repair and redecoration business. The bribes include a sum of S$30,000, which was sent to Wong’s mistress in China, Xu Hongmei, in the form of overseas remittances. One of the above company employed...

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Saudi Arabia: Corruption crackdown or just taking advantage of the foes?

13 March 2018 King Salman has established special anti-corruption units of prosecutors to pursue embezzlement cases in the kingdom, after a recent crackdown. This was announced Sunday in a report on the state-run Saudi Press Agency. The king’s decision came from “his concern over combating corruption in all its forms aiming to protect the homeland and its resources, maintain public money and protect the integrity of the public employment,” according to Saudi state media. The crackdown under the supervision of Crown Prince and Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman netted more than $106 billion in exchange for...

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Maldives: Breaching UN sanctions.

1 March 2018 A Japanese foreign ministry statement said that a Maldives-flagged vessel, Xin Yuan 18, was used to illegally transfer goods from a North Korean-flagged tanker, “Chon Ma San”, in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions.  As evidence Japanese Defence sources released the above picture which shows Chon Ma San and Xin Yuan 18 lying alongside each other, some 250 km away from Shanghai in the East China Sea. Government of Japan confirmed that Chon Ma San had erased its vessel name. The Korean vessel was designated by U.S. as a sanctions target. The Maldives government denied that Xin...

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Global: Corruption Perception Index

26 February 2018 Transparency International (TI) released data pertaining to Corruption Perception index (CPI) 2017. Commenting on the results TI said most of countries are making little or no progress in ending corruption. TI noted countries that respect press freedom, encourage open dialogue tend to be more successful at controlling corruption. Conversely, countries that repress journalists, restrict civil liberties and seek to stifle civil society organisations typically score lower on the CPI. Violence against journalists is high in those countries which score below 45. China has shown some progress in combating corruption. It went up 2 notches in rank...

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China: Government takes control of Anbang Insurance Group

24 February 2018 Wu Xiaohui, the founder of Anbang Insurance Group, will be removed as chairman and charged with fundraising fraud and embezzlement. China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) said that some of Anbang’s activities could seriously endanger the solvency of the company. Public prosecutors recently filed a lawsuit against Wu Xiaohui, in the Shanghai Municipal Intermediate People’s Court, accusing him of fundraising fraud and embezzlement by taking advantage of his post, according to sources from the No. 1 Branch of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate. Xinhua reported. The company will be managed by a special group consisting of CIRC,...

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