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Brazil: Construction giant Odebrecht fined $2.6 billion

18 April 2017 A U.S. judge on Monday sentenced Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht SA to pay $2.6 billion in fines on a plea deal between the company and U.S., Brazilian and Swiss authorities. Of this amount $93 million will go to the United States, $2.39 billion to Brazil and $116 million to Switzerland. The company is accused of paying about $788 million in bribes to officials in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama and Portugal to secure lucrative contracts. Some of those bribes were paid through U.S. banks. The case was a result of...

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Mexico: Former Governor of Veracruz state on the run captured.

17 April 2017 Javier Duarte, 43, captured Saturday in Panajachel, a picturesque tourist town in Guatemala. He was Governor of Veracruz from 2010 to 2016. Duarte gave his resignation to the Veracruz administration on 12 October 2016 due to several corruption allegations against him. He made his last public appearance on the following day, after that his whereabouts was not known until his arrest on Saturday – 15 April 2017. On Sunday, he was transferred to a military prison in Guatemala’s capital.  Mexican authorities had directed the Foreign Ministry to request his extradition by the Guatemalan government. Authorities have...

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Brazil: Widest ever corruption probe

13 April 2017. Last night Supreme Court Justice Edson Fachin authorized investigations into 9 sitting ministers, 24 senators, 39 deputies and 3 governors.  According to a report published on Tuesday by O Estado de Sao Paulo some 108 politicians will be implicated in this corruption trial. Fachin lifted the secrecy on plea bargain testimony from 77 employees of construction giant Odebrecht, which has admitted paying millions of dollars in bribes within Brazil and in other countries.  Testimony of Odebrecht employees resulted in court order of 83 of the investigations. There is no surprise in this. This was waiting to...

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Italy: Shell and Eni charged with international corruption offences

10 April 2017 Italian anti-corruption prosecutors have charged Shell, Eni and several Eni senior executives in connection with the purchase of the massive Nigerian OPL 245 oil block. OPL 245 was estimated to produce nine billion barrels of oil. That would be worth nearly $500 billion at today’s prices. Italian authorities are also seeking to charge four senior Shell executives including the current Shell Foundation Chairman Malcolm Brinded, who at the time of deal was head of Global Exploration and Production. Eni has denied all allegations of corruption being investigated. In 2011, Shell and Eni paid $1.1 billion to...

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Singapore: Appeal Court’s decision on City Harvest Church case is not unanimous

Update 11 April 2017 According to AGC, the Prosecution has sought clarification on Monday (10 April), on questions of law to the Court of Appeal. AGC seeks appeal court’s clarification on whether a director or a member of the governing body of a company or organisation who is entrusted with property, or with any dominion over property would be considered as an agent for the purpose of section 409 of the penal code. If the appeal court rules that a director is an agent for the above section of the penal code, future cases will be affected. If the...

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