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Ukraine: New Anti-corruption Court

19 June 2018 On June 7, Ukraine’s parliament passed long-awaited legislation establishing a special anti-corruption court. This is a step forward in the direction of democracy. For the past two decades Ukranians have been hoping for a law like this to end the widespread corruption in the country. President Poroshenko said in an article he wrote for The Washington Post on June 18, 2018. The law is in line with what the European Union and the International Monetary Fund have been demanding. He added that foreign experts will oversee the selection of professional judges in an open and transparent...

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Spain: King’s brother-in-law Iñaki Urdangarin guilty of corruption

14 June 2018 Often, we hear of corruption in politics. Initially politicians look for funds to pay for election expenses. Then when they find an opening they begin to use that opening to enrich themselves. Next in line is the senior public offices who often negotiate contracts for the government. They have the avenue of getting kickbacks to enrich themselves. But we seldom hear any royals being involved in any corrupt activity as they do not intervene in the administration of the country. They are also well looked after by the government therefore there is no need for extra...

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Nigeria: Former two state governors sentenced on corruption charges.

13 June 2018 Former Plateau State governor, Joshua Dariye, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption. He was accused of embezzling $3.25 million ecological funds belonging to his state. Dariye is a serving senator representing Plateau West under the ruling party, APC. The case against him was filed in 2007. He managed to stall the case for more than a decade. He had earlier lost his bid to disqualify Justice Banjoko from presiding over his trial. Justice Banjoko took six hours to deliver the lengthy judgement. During the trial it was revealed that Dariye wired funds...

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Malaysia: Corruption investigator issues arrest warrants.

8 June 2018 The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) issued an arrest warrant for financier Low Taek Jho, who US prosecutors have named as a central figure in the plot to embezzle money from 1MDB. In the meantime, Low has instructed his lawyers to make contact with the MACC and will help with the investigation, his representative said in an emailed statement. Star on Line reported. Malaysian investigators have met with their counterparts from the US and Singapore to discuss working together. The Commission has also issued an arrest warrant for SRC International Sdn Bhd director Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil...

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China: Online appeal for information on corruption.

8 June 2018 The government launched a Website ( to enlist the help of the masses, along with ‘wanted’ list containing details of suspects and their whereabouts. In a statement released on Wednesday, the commission supplied photographs and names of 50 corruption suspects, along with English and Chinese street names, as well as bilingual descriptions of their alleged crimes. Beijing made little progress in getting help from Western countries in its efforts to return corruption suspects. Many counties have been reluctant to sign an extradition treaty with China, citing its poor rights record and opaque criminal prosecution process. A...

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