Jacques Duchesneau

Jacques Duchesneau

22 June 2012. Quebec’s corruption inquiry is taking a break for the summer and it 17 September 2012. This is expected to be the date of a Quebec election, should Premier Jean Charest decide to call a summer campaign.

So far the most sensational allegation came from a prominent civil servant who said 70 per cent of money raised by Quebec political parties is done illegally.

Ex-Montreal police chief Jacques Duchesneau, who worked for the Quebec government as a corruption investigator, said “dirty money” is the norm rather than exception in Quebec politics.

Duchesneau appeared to lose his patience when he was asked for minute details of his work contract with the Quebec government. The questions ranged from the date his secretary’s CV was sent and whether his office had access to a restroom.
Duchesneau snapped at the government lawyer that. none of his questions were about corruption — but focused instead on things like office logistics.
“The enemy is the people I spent 18 months tracking,” Duchesneau said. “All these questions are really funny. We point out collusion to you, and what you’re looking at is my finger — not where we should be going.

Agusher of names of suspected wrongdoers was widely anticipated from Duchesneau. But this did not happen. This might come later.